Patanjali Not only Singeing Dabur, Emami; HUL, Colgate feel the heat

It is real!After a yearlong onslaught on their market share, margins and loyal customer base, Patanjali has finally received the acknowledgement of the Goliaths of India’s FMCG industry.

India’s body shop Patanjali has been become a predator for most established FMCG firms, which are today battling with declining margins, drop consumer demand and rising input costs.

Hindustan Unilever, the largest FMCG firm in India, saw its volume grow at the slowest pace in five quarters when it reported its Q4 earnings on Monday.

Colgate, whose sales grew at the slowest pace in 44 quarters, recently acknowledged the Baba Ramdev-led firm’s threat to its market share. That led brokerages such as Credit Suisse to downgrade Colgate PalmoliveBSE -0.37 % to neutral as Patanjali toothpaste has begun eating into its market share.

Twelve months back, nobody ever thought that Patanjali would make the MNC FMCG giants India cower in fear.

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